Piper Bonacquist, a Senior, writes a response to Mr. Lahm's letter of resignation.

From: "Piper Bonacquist"
To: info@ismstakeholders.com
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 05:29:12 PM
Subject: Response to Mr. Lahm's letter of resignation

To Mr. Lahm,

As a Grade 12 student at ISM, I felt it necessary to respond to your letter of resignation. While it is true that this entire situation has snowballed and emotions and tensions are running high, I am appalled at how you describe the extraordinary faculty at ISM. This is my second year at the school, and 99% of the faculty that I have interacted with have been exemplary, the best I've encountered during my 12 years of schooling. ISM is an incredible school, and it is due to the teachers. Your statement that the message the students will bring away from this experience is that our teachers have "singularly failed" us is utterly untrue. Our teachers have stood up for what they believe in, and they are the ones who truly have ISM's best interests at heart. If the measures they took were "destructive" it was because you, as the Board, left them no other choice. I know many of the students agree wholeheartedly that the current climate at the school was not conducive to learning, and we support our teachers in their work stoppage. There is no doubt that it is a short-term setback, however, in the long run, these 199 faculty and staff will be remembered as the ones who took a stand against a group of people determined to damage the wonderful school and its reputation that has made my final high school years memorable. I regret that you feel your family's safety was being threatened, but I am thankful that we are one step closer to resolving this issue plaguing the school and resuming our education.

Piper Bonacquist
Grade 12