From: Gigi Bocanegra
To: Aquino, Bea
CC: Dare, Stephen; Tanega, Karina; tom navasero ; Leandro V. de Mesa ; Hans Peter Brunner ; Jingdong Hua ; James Concepcion ; MARTIN LAHM
Sent: Sat Sep 09 22:07:04 2006
Subject: [SPAM - Header Checks] - Resignation - Email found in subject

International School Manila

This is to formally confirm my resignation as member and President of the Board of Trustees of International School Manila effective September 7, 2006 as indicated in the letter we submitted to Mr. Stephen Dare and Atty Karina Tanega on same date.

It was with deep regret that I tendered my resignation but the community's demand for my resignation make it difficult for me to continue due to their loss in confidence and due to the work stoppage of some of the Faculty and staff which was conditional on my resignation as Board Trustee.

However, I have no regret in serving as Board Trustee for the ISM community. I also would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the hard work and support you have given the Board of Trustees during my term as Board Trustee.