Board President Gigi Bocanegra sent this e-mail to faculty and staff. The e-mail was received just 31 minutes before the scheduled meeting.

From: ISM Board
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 2:29 PM
To: ISM Faculty
Subject: Letter from Gigi Bocanegra

To the Leadership Team and Concerned Faculty members,

I am writing on behalf of the Board concerning your letters about your perception of the Board as a whole which were dated August 30 and September 1. We also acknowledge the invitation that the concerned faculty members have extended to the Board to attend a forum to raise questions on related matters. We, however, would like to do more than just an exchange of questions and answers, but to engage in a dialogue with the Leadership Team and other faculty or staff groups at different times to air out issues and your feelings of disappointment and anger. In doing so, we believe that a dialogue In this manner would be more constructive in resolving matters of discord. Having meetings with different groups allow us to be more focused on the concerns of different audiences rather than addressing a large audience that has varied concerns. We sincerely are committed to reconciling differences and establishing a relationship of mutual understanding with one another and scheduling such meetings this week and future weeks would be how the Board chooses to meet with you.

We look forward to scheduling such meeting with you and we advise you to contact Luz de Jesus for setting up the time.


Gigi Bocanegra