From: ISM Board []
Sent: Mon 9/4/2006 1:10 PM

September 4, 2006

Dear Parents, Leadership Team, Faculty and Staff,

It is with profound regret that the Board of Trustees announces the termination of the contract of the Superintendent pursuant to the option of the School under the contract. After much deliberation, the Board arrived at this difficult decision after fully considering recent events at the School, leading the Board to the conclusion that there needs to be an effective, harmonious communications link between the Board and the operational organization. The Board believes that Stephen Dare, the Assistant Superintendent, can provide the link that is needed at the moment and he has agreed to assume these responsibilities. The Board has full trust and confidence in Mr. Dareís ability to lead and partner with the Board in this critical time and we urge everyone to support and cooperate with Mr. Dare to ensure the continued operations of the School. The Board also believes in the ability of the Principals, Michael Martell, Paul Passamonte, and Jacqueline Pender, as well as the rest of the Leadership Team to work with Mr. Dare and assist the Board in pursuit of the best education for our children.

The termination of the Superintendentís contract is a significant action which the Board did not wish to take. However, the stability of the School and the crucial need for a link between the Board and the Faculty and staff are primary concerns of the Board. The Board truly believes that the action it has taken, while initially painful, will work to the best interest of the School, particularly in paving the way for an effective dialogue between the Board and all segments of the ISM community towards the ultimate goal of reconciliation.

We understand that this occurrence will be a natural matter of concern for the entire community and we will keep you informed.

We request the cooperation of everyone in this difficult situation.


Gigi Bocanegra
For the Board of Trustees