From: ISM Board []
Sent: Wed 9/5/2006 8:35 PM
Subject: Letter to Parents, Faculty and Staff

Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff,

It is with much regret that I have to announce the resignations of three more Trustee members. Mr. Christopher Rowan resigned effective September 5. Mr. Jimmy Concepcion and Mr. Jingdong Hua resigned effective September 6. We thank them for the contributions they have made to the Board and look forward to their involvement in School through other activities. Given the vacancies on the Board, the current number of members on the Board is now less than a quorum. Therefore, the five vacancies shall now have to be filled by the members of the corporation at a general meeting called for the purpose. We shall now work with the corporate secretary to determine a schedule for the election of five Trustees to fill the current vacancies.

It is also with much regret that a group of concerned Faculty and Staff whose identity is not known has chosen to stage a work stoppage today as a way to express their position of no longer holding any confidence in the current board at ISM. The Board is saddened with this event despite its communication to the Faculty through Mr. Stephen Dare that it wants to hold private dialogues with them in order to reconcile matters of discord. It is unfortunate that such discussions are not welcome to the Faculty at this point and that they feel that resolving issues is not an avenue that can be taken to build confidence and trust. The Board truly believes that there is a lot of room for building relationships and that there is no need to take such drastic measures that have negative impact on the students. Today I requested to take part in a Faculty and Staff meeting at 3:00 pm today but the Faculty conveyed through Mr. Stephen Dare that they were not ready to meet with me.

Today, we received a letter from the Leadership Team expressing their position of no longer holding any confidence in the board as well. They have verbally expressed to me that unless the remaining Board resigns, they will not come to work tomorrow.

We sincerely urge the Leadership Team and Faculty to reconsider their position. We understand that these actions are expressions of frustrations but we can all work together to transform them into resolutions in good faith. The Board has five seats vacant now and an election will be held to fill these positions. There can be resolutions in improving Board governance as the Board is reconstituted. The Board realizes that there has been substantial negative publicity about the Board and it can only be said that matters read or heard can be very informative but not necessarily conclusive about what that Board truly does and what the Board direction is. Although we greatly value the concerns that the Administration and Faculty and Staff have conveyed to the Board, the Board notes that it is the members of the corporation that has the power and authority to vote no confidence on any Board Trustee through the procedures set in our By-Laws.

We again stress that there has been no changes affecting the educational programs of the School and no change with respect to the mission, curriculum or school programs.

It is the desire of the Board to build bridges and not walls. It is our wish that the children do not have to be involved in the issue of no confidence vote on the Board. Let us use the existing governing structure to exercise this vote.

In closing, misunderstandings and polarizations occur and we can only look to tolerance and forgiveness to help us build bridges again.


Gigi Bocanegra