From: ISM Board []
Sent: Tue 9/5/2006 11:13 AM
Subject: Letter frm ISM President

Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff,

Following further discussions with Steve Dare on the matter of fulfilling the role of acting Superintendent for ISM, Steve has informed me of his decision not to accept such a role. After much thought Steve felt that he would find the responsibilities of the position too overwhelming given his current duties and given Davidís absence in the school. The Board respects his decision and the Board shall now look to hire an Interim-Superintendent that will match the Schoolís needs for the time that we are in process of searching for a Superintendent.

The Board will continue to inform you of developments on this matter.

Steve, however, shall accept the duties that need to be performed by the Superintendent in his utmost Capacity as Assistant Superintendent. Steve will also insure that the Leadership Team and Facultyís continued passion and work towards the education of our children are insulated from the events that are going on in the community.

The Board has full support for Steveís leadership in the School.


Gigi Bocanegra