Parents Indu and Anjana Bhushan write the remaining Board members.

From: Anjana Bhushan
Sent: Thu 9/7/2006 6:45 PM
Subject: Appeal to remaining Board members

Dear Remaining Board Members,

We are parents of two ex-students, and our younger daughter graduated from ISM only last year. We are emotionally attached to ISM because our lives have revolved around the school for the last 10 years. At ISM, our daughters were able to flourish and get just the kind of superb education we wished for. We owe ISM a deep debt of gratitude for this.

It is therefore with deep anguish and dismay that we have observed the developments of the past few days.

Although one of us works at ADB, we are not part of the so-called ADB ISM parents group. We would like to emphasize that this group does not represent the views, needs or aspirations of ADB parents as a whole. We regarded the setting up of this group with some misgivings because we felt that adequately responsive avenues already existed for airing any issues we may have had regarding the school.

ISM has established itself as a center of excellence and is widely regarded as one of the best international schools in the region. However, recent events have put this past sterling record in significant jeopardy. Regardless of whether accreditation is granted or not, irreversible damage has already been caused to the school. Current families are thinking of leaving and new families will be hesitant, for good reason, to enroll. This will also put the financial viability of the school in question.

Without going into apportioning blame for what led to the current crisis, we feel that, at the very least, this Board is to be held guilty of gross mismanagement for allowing this crisis situation to snowball unchecked. The Board is also guilty of not effectively communicating with parents, faculty and students—in fact, avoiding any opportunities for communicating its views to interested parties. As the apex body overseeing the affairs of the school, it has to own the primary responsibility for bringing the school to a grinding halt and damaging the school's reputation. In our perception, the Board thus gets a failing grade in delivering on its role and responsibilities.

As we see it, you, the remaining Board members, now have 2 clear options before you. The first is to prolong the crisis and further damage the reputation of the school and undermine your own credibility and integrity by firmly clutching on to the positions to which you were elected, but on which, in our view, you no longer have any moral right to continue. The second option--and the more responsible one, in our perception--is to limit the damage by stepping down as soon as possible and clearing the way for fresh elections.

In the interests of the students and the school as a whole, we urge you, the 4 remaining Board members, to step down and start the healing process.

Indu and Anjana Bhushan