From: Abid M. Hussain
Sent: Sun 9/10/2006 5:05 PM
Subject: ISM: The Way Forward

We, the parents of an ISM High School student would like to express our strong support and endorsement to the sustaining members proposal of forming an Interim Board. We also strongly support the composition of the proposed Interim Board.

As of this writing (5:00p.m Manila time on Sunday), we note from this website that the 4 remaining trustees who had informally resigned, have yet to turn in their formal letters of resignation to the Board Secretary. Our request to these four trustees is, that if not done so already, please send in your formal letters of resignation, expeditiously. You can choose to resign honorably, and should you so opt, without prejudice to your respective positions. Alternatively, the ISM community would be left with no choice but to exercise its vote of no confidence. We hope the latter can be avoided and look forward to your cooperation.

The proposal of the sustaining members to form an interim board is a solid proposal and needs the support of the entire ISM community. We, members of the IS community, need to expeditiously empower the Interim Board as it would need to undertake widespread stakeholder consultation to put in place measures, procedures and policies that would obviate the repeat of this unfortunate series of events.

We would like to extend our best wishes to the ISM students, the faculty and administration, the proposed members of the interim board, and to our fellow parents and other stakeholders.


Abid Hussain
ISM Parent